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How to realign your Samsung* Water Filter head

Chattering/ Rattling Noise:

More than likely, it is possible that the filter is not installed properly. Uninstall the filter and try to reinstall the filter making sure the filter has properly aligned into place.

Leaking filter:

You will need to uninstall the filter and install it again. It is likely that the filter is not installed securely. Please attempt reinstallation of the filter.

Slow Flow:

The initial flow rate of a newly installed filter may be slower than anticipated. The flow rate should increase within 24-36 hours by flushing water through the filter. You can speed up the process by submerging your filter in a sink full of water to displace any air bubbles that may be trapped within your filter.

No Flow:

If you are not receiving any water from your filter, try installing your old filter to see if you are able to receive water with your old filter. If you do receive water when installing the old filter, it is clear that the new filter you were attempting to install is the issue. It is possible that there is air trapped inside of the filter. It is recommended to submerge your filter in a sink full of water to displace any air that is trapped within the filter. Once you have done this, reinstall the filter and this should resolve your issue. If you do not receive any water flow when you install your old filter back into your refrigerator, it is possible that your water lines to your refrigerator may be clogged, frozen or tangled which is preventing water to flow properly. We recommend inspecting the water lines of your refrigerator to assist in determining the issue.

Excess Pressure When Uninstalling Your Filter:

Oftentimes this is described as a filter "exploding or bursting". This is simply excess pressure; you can help to prevent this by dispensing water from the dispenser prior to uninstalling your filter. This will relieve any air pressure that has been trapped. If you do not use your water dispenser frequently, it is recommended to periodically dispense water from your refrigerator to avoid built up air pressure.

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